About Us

Our company engages in the manufacture of  CNC foam cutting and router machine, functional in many years.R&D and our engineers is always working trying to make the best of.Because customer satisfaction is our first principle.Our relations with customers,always has been at the level of frendship and brotherhood.

 Because we know they harm us il our.After-sales service, the most developed so that we reach our customers within 24 hours.
 Especialy,2 days training is very important.Because many companies entering the this bussines is insufficent knwoledge about this bussines.That we have to intervene here and 2 days training provide all necesery information about the use of machinery and work.

 We are waiting in our factory before buying the machine for you will see productions area and get the information our engineers.We sold hunderds of machines at home and abroıd so far and did not any problem with our customers during this period.Recently fabricated a lot of places where machinery manufacturing is down under the stairs and did not after-service to the customers of these companies and buyers have remained very diffucult situation and events in the world has closed some of the companies.The avoid all this you will buying machine mafacturer search to the carefuly.

“Our Customers,Our Pride”
We Respectfully
Director of Company

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